Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An invitation for BLOGGER friends only

All BLOGGERS are invited to a floating
for Michele Benson
Sunday May 31st
See the invitation above for more details or leave a comment for questions.
This is your formal invitation. I just had to POST the invite rather than mailing them, LOL!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Sweet Bentlee

As you read this on Monday morning you can imagine me in hard, induced, labor of my first born...groggy...tired...excited...petrified...terrified...an emotional time for Wade and I...Wade and my mom by my side...with only a few hours until our lives would be changed forever...and there she was...a beautiful baby GIRL...head full of DARK, thick hair, snub nose, PERFECT in every way...10 tiny fingers and toes...counted them myself!
Bentlee Nichole Mayle, born April 20, 2003 at 3:21pm in Southampton Mem. Hospital...Easter Sunday...7 lbs, 15 ozs, 20 1/2 inches long...and the unbearable indigestion I had battled for months dissapeared at that very moment! LOL
Shortly after I consumed the best hospital food I had ever eaten...a BBQ sandwich and french fries! I had worked up a heck of an appetite during the night!
After she was all cleaned up they brought her back to me...HOW can you fall in love with something that quick? And from that moment on she has needed our every waking moment...and then some...our beautiful, bossy, demanding, sassy, smart, short, sweet, blonde baby girl...Happy 6th Birthday Bentlee!

She had a HUGE birthday weekend...a TEA PARTY on Saturday and a the grandparents for cake on Sunday. I will post those pictures later.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Does the Easter Bunny have big feet mom?

The weeks of treatening the girls that the Easter Bunny "wouldn't come if they were bad" are over...sad.
Just like Christmas eve, my girls were all hyped up Saturday night and asking lots of questions about the infamous Easter Bunny. Mainly they were scared he would come in their rooms...so Bentlee proceeds to ask the following questions..."Where does the EB live mom?, How will the EB get in our house mom?, Does the EB have big feet mom?, How will he be quiet if he has big feet mom? I mean WHO wonders how darn big the Easter Bunny's feet are? ! Seriously folks! The end answer to most of the questions if "He is magic". And sure enough, he came, he deposited an unbearable amount of SUGAR in our house, and he left..simple...big feet or NOT! Size 8 1/2 wouldn't qualify for big I don't imagine but my answer was yes, LOL!
Easter morning brought a breakfast of at least 3000 cals for each girl and an itty bitty Easter egg hunt. The dang bunny had to leave eggs outside due to an unreleased cartoon episode that I also got questioned about..."Will the EB leave eggs OUTside our house too mom?"
After "breakfast" it was time to start treatening to call the EB to come BACK and get the baskets if they did not cooperate IN their Easter dresses until it was time to leave for church. What will I use to treaten them now? Santa is WAY to far away.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

As long as we have had these blocks here it never dawned on me to color on them. The girls and I had a creative good time and I had a few sore muscles from all that squating! I might still have a few artistic muscles left but boy are they getting old. We had to stop when we ran out of room, I was pretty dissapointed, lol! LMSAO (S- sore).

If that ain't country, I'll kiss your ...

The way I see it is if you ain't gotten good and muddy playing in a mud puddle after a rain you ain't really lived in the country....so, after all the rain we've had we had plenty of mud. Bentlee loved it but I forgot to take a picture of Rylee tip-toeing around in her boots, that was funny 2! She will join the fun one day maybe.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This one's for you Jessica

I just think this photo is the funniest thing of Jessica...I ran across it while I was here at moms.

Buzzin' about

I thought this layout was perfect for me since I have not had time to blog since I am BUZZIN around so much...here and there, never know where I may be today.

And I thought I would take advantage of this great internet while I am at mom's doing some things for her. Since I have been out of work I have tried to come over to mom's and clean her house every other week or when I can. I also iron her scrubs and whatever she needs. As I have told you before my mom is a really great mom and "Mem" to my girls...she keeps them whenever I ask, she buys them anything and everything...clothes, toys, REESE CUPS, and Diet Mt DEW! Soooo....I wanted to try and return some of the favor since I have a day here and there to do this now. She is also a great ER nurse, as I have been told by several folks that I come in contact with and she works long 12 hours days. I love to see her in her scrubs and I am my mothers daughter, yes she likes her scrubs ironed (those of you that know about my OCD ironing will get a kick out of that or actually you probably already know I inherited the ironing gene from my mom, lol!).

So...I'm buzzzzziiinnnn out girls! See ya round...

And thanks to each of you that had anything to do with Friday night, what a fantastic time...can't wait to buzz over that way again.